2013 in Vukovar, Croatia

This summer, the reunion of the Summer Camp 2012 took place. The participants from 6 different countries (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro, Poland, Germany) met for a second time, this time in Croatia, Vukovar.

It was a great reunion to meet again the people from the summer camp 2012 and to start again with them where they left off last year. Unfortunately, for various reasons, not all participants from the previous year could be at the reunion. For the non-participants, however, replacements came along who integrated amazingly well.

The theme of this return meeting was EU awareness and anti-discrimination. We had some workshops that dealt with these topics very intensively. The exchange with the participants and the supervisors (teamers) about these topics was very interesting and important.

In addition to these workshops, we deal with the topics “active citizenship”, “human rights”, “identity” and “sexually transmitted diseases”, among others. Excursions to Vukovar and Osijek were also part of the programme during the reunion. In addition, we presented our countries at the “International Youth Day” in Vukovar: Each country had its own stand, which it had to design itself.

Like last year, we took part in a creative workshop of our own choice. We had the choice between dancing, photography, graffiti, preparing the social project and designing a flag. The day after the creative workshop, we worked for a whole day on the social project and finished the work with an incredible result: we painted big steps on the Danube. With the good preparatory work of the preparation group, the work went well and in the evening we had created an unforgettable work.

On some evenings, “Olympic Games” took place, i.e. a group of participants designed the evening with sports games, often based on teamwork.

This year there were also project groups: Each participant could choose between radio, newspaper, video or blog. The assembled groups met frequently to be able to present finished works at the end: a radio programme, a newspaper for each participant and supervisor, a camp video uCampus15 training seminar from 30.09. to 07.10.2013 in Much.