from 30.09. to 07.10.2013 in Much

From 30 September to 7 October 2013, the second training seminar conducted by Campus15 took place. In the idyllic, somewhat remote Much, 33 young and committed people from ten different countries (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Germany, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Serbia and Slovenia) met to get to know each other in a colourful togetherness and to exchange their experiences in youth work.

The core of the seminar was formed by intensive working rounds in which the different national concepts of youth work were discussed. The creation of a “Youth Gate for Southeast Europe” was chosen as the goal, which was discussed in various working groups and the next steps for its realisation were determined. The “Youth Gate” is supposed to be a platform/node, which – for the time being realised online – supports young people in organising or participating in social projects in Southeast Europe.

In addition to these discussions, speakers from outside were also warmly welcomed. There was a session on German history as well as on integrative work and the European Union.

Again and again, the sometimes heated talks and discussions were interwoven with outside activities. Here, the focus was on confidence building and teamwork. In addition, an insight was given into creative workshops such as dance, circus, theatre and land art. The results were later presented in plenary and the work was evaluated to make the experience useful for the participants.

At a market of organisations and associations, the participants presented their respective organisations and projects. Some organisations had already worked on projects with Campus15 before; others have only been in active contact with our association since this training course. The presentations remained in the lobby of the hotel for the entire week and were thus accessible and visible to everyone at all times.

During cosy campfire hours, coffee breaks and singing rounds in the evening, those present always had the chance to get to know each other and make contacts.

All in all, the training seminar was a complete success, as new contacts were made, discussions stimulated and ideas spread in a pleasant atmosphere. The participants continue to work on realising their self-imposed goal: to establish a platform for organisations from South Eastern Europe.